Whats it Really Like?

After working for more than 10 years in a factory, working shifts and earning a good wage but never enjoying the job I was doing it was time to make some changes. So I hit the job websites, papers and so on. I quickly found there was not many jobs out there where I could earn the same money and do something I enjoyed.


A friend of mine suggested that I become a driving instructor but I did not think much of it. But then I had a look online and signed up to a course to become an instructor. I soon realised that I should have done a lot more research into the process to become an instructor and had to invest in more training due to my first trainer no preparing me fully to pass the part 3 test. Our training package has been designed to ensure you do not make the same mistakes that I did.


So what’s it like working as a driving instructor?


First thing you need to remember is driving instructors are self employed, so you will need a little understanding on how to run your own business. You will receive training and support from ProTeach.


One of the best feelings you can have as a driving instructor is taking that nervous pupil who has never driven before into a competent driver and passing their test on the first attempt. You will be spending a lot of time in the car working mainly with teenagers. So if you enjoy working with people and teaching a truly life changing skill this could be the job for you.


You will need to have plenty of patients as an instructor as not every pupil will get the concept of driving straight away and some need a lot more support than others. You need to have a very good understanding of driving and the different ways to coach a pupil in the correct procedures to use.  You will need to vary the way you train to the needs of each pupil you have.


Flexibility is one of the great assets of being self employed, you can choose the hours and days you work. Having a young family myself, this is a great bonus as I never miss any appointments and can always be around to see my boys grow up. The downside being you do not get holiday pay, but careful planning and this is not a problem.


Once you qualify as an instructor you are not tied just to learner driver training. You can look into fleet driver training, trailer training or after gaining some experience you could even move into driving instructor training.


Matt Lawler ADI


What can you earn as a driving instructor?

Income from pupils, 37 hours @ £25.00 = £925 per week.
Allowing for 4 weeks holiday a year that’s £44,400 before tax and expenses.

Car, insurance, accountant, franchise etc £190
Fuel £80
Total earnings before tax and insurance.
£655 per week
Yearly income based on 48 weeks worked £31,440 (before tax)
(car running costs will vary depending on the car and if you buy or lease)
Of course you can work as many hours as you like, you will be your own boss.
The above information is to give you a realistic idea on what you could earn and is for a guide only.