Your New Career Starts Here.

Are you stuck in a job you do not enjoy? Fed up of looking out the window and clock watching? Many people dream of changing their career and improving their lifestyle may be with better working hours, improved job satisfaction or even better pay.  Some will just dream, you can take control and make it happen.

Your opportunity is right now!

This is your chance to take full control of your future, to run your own business and work the days and hours you choose. Most people with never have the luxury of this.


As a local family business, run by myself Matt Lawler we have a true interest in your future. It’s important that we not only offer you the training to become a fully qualified driving instructor but also guarantee you the opportunity of a position with our very successful Driving School based in the midlands once qualified should you wish to accept it. Alternatively, you may wish to launch your own business and be completely independent, the choice is all yours.